Recent studies show that patients with the most serious forms of the coronavirus had high levels of IL-6, a common inflammatory cytokine, which MediSieve has previously encountered while researching sepsis and cytokine storms.

Finding a way to selectively and rapidly target and remove IL-6 from COVID-19 patients’ bloodstream could be extremely beneficial.

Currently, the majority of severe COVID-19 patients are treated with immunoblockers or immunosuppressants. While still effective treatments, their most dangerous drawback is that the suppressants stay in the bloodstream, leaving patients immunsupressed while fighting the infection.

Broad risk groups

Immune deficient Inpatients


Over 70s

Significant worldwide burden

26m confirmed cases
850k deaths

High morbidity

Respiratory distress


Long patient care

Second wave threat

120k hospital deaths
estimated in the UK

By focusing specifically on IL-6 MediSieve can rapidly bring a product to market to alleviate the cytokine storm and hyperimmune reaction as well as the secondary sepsis that is the cause of significant mortality in COVID-19 patients. In vitro data suggest that adult IL-6 levels could be reduced by 80% in 4 hours.

Latest News

MediSieve Receives Approval for First-in-Man Clinical Investigation

MediSieve Receives Approval for First-in-Man Clinical Investigation
May 24, 2022

Radboud University Medical Center will perform the first trial of the Novel Magnetic Haemoflitration System.
MediSieve Receives Industry Recognition

MediSieve Receives Industry Recognition
April 02, 2022

MediSieve, a biotech company that has developed an innovative blood filtration device, receives recognition and approval from the industry.