Many health disorders are caused by the circulation of harmful substances in the blood. Modern methods of removing some of these substances from a patient’s bloodstream are severely limited: they are expensive, require long treatment times and are non-specific, removing “good” components alongside “bad” ones. Pharmaceutical approaches aimed at blocking or destroying harmful substances in blood have similar limitations, as well as toxic side-effects.

Our Solution

The MediSieve System with the MediSieve Filter and Magnet as principal components can selectively remove these substances from the bloodstream by continuously circulating a patient’s blood through the system, similarly to dialysis. The technology uses targeted magnetic beads, which bind specifically to the targets in the bloodstream that doctors want to remove. The Filter captures the beads and the targets bound to them, preventing them from flowing back into the body.

Unique Approach

Ease of use

  • Our Device is designed to integrate with existing hospital equipment.
  • The procedure can be stopped at any time, so clinicians can choose an optimal target level for the substances in the bloodstream.


  • The system is efficient at high flow rates, enabling the whole procedure to be done in 2-4 hours.
  • Targets are captured with high specificity, so we do not remove any “good” components.

Treatment Personalisation

  • One or several targets can be captured at the same time, enabling treatments to be personalised to different patients.
  • A huge variety of targets can be specifically captured, including cells, toxins, antibodies, and inflammatory cytokines.


  • Captured substances can be recovered post procedure (e.g. for analysis).

Magnetic Blood Filtration

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Steps Of The Procedure

  1. The patient is connected to an extracorporeal loop containing the MediSieve devices via the venous access point (peripheral preferred; central possible).
  2. The blood is pumped through the system using standard extracorporeal systems already present in hospitals.
  3. (This step is skipped for Malaria) Targeted magnetic beads are infused into the extracorporeal loop, binding to the target harmful substances in the blood.
  4. The MediSieve Filter, placed with within the MediSieve Magnet, captures the beads and substances bound to them (or the infected cells directly in the case of Malaria) from the patient’s blood.
  5. The filtered blood, free from magnetic beads and harmful substances, flows back into the patient’s body. Throughout the whole procedure the magnetic beads stay outside of the body.
  6. The MediSieve Filter is disposed (captured substances can be recovered if desired); the MediSieve Magnet can be reused.
Neil Barker Joins MediSieve as a Quality Manager

Neil Barker Joins MediSieve as a Quality Manager
September 06, 2021

MediSieve Ltd, a biotech company which has developed an innovative blood filtration device, today announced the appointment of Neil Barker, as a Quality Manager. Neil brings to MediSieve a 40-year track record in quality and regulatory affairs, having held management positions at multiple engineeri...