Magnetic Haemofiltration

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Imagine a world where doctors are able to target and remove pathogens, such as harmful cells, bacteria, toxins, and inflammatory cytokines, directly from a patient’s bloodstream. That is MediSieve’s vision for the future of healthcare, which can be achieved through the process of Magnetic Haemofiltration.


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IL-6-Driven Hyperinflammation

MediSieve’s first product targets IL-6 cytokine to treat various hyperinflammation condition like Sepsis, COVID-19, and Cytokine Release Syndrome.


Sepsis Cocktail

MediSieve plans to use a combination of different magnetic beads to target the various pathogens and cytokines that lead to the symptoms of Sepsis.


Severe Malaria

The device rapidly reduces the parasitaemia of severe Malaria patients who have been hospitalised and prescribed IV drug treatment.


Magnetic Blood Filtration

The MediSieve System purifies blood by targeting harmful substances with magnetic beads

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